Sat on a bee when I sat on a swing
It gave me a big sting on my little ding-a-ling
Oh man I screamed and I cried
Mama said “you’ll live” but the bee died

I’m sure that he would rather be alive
But he lived for the moment, defending the hive

That bee has got to get back into the earth
So he can see what he’s really truly worth
Look around you boy, you’re surrounded by the universe

My buddy Dale went fishing alone
His wife called me at midnight when he didn’t come home
He is presumed to have drowned
No earthly trace of  Dale was ever found

At his service everybody was glum
Talking ‘bout the great things he never actually done

All the dreams he ever hoped to see
All the beings he ever hoped to be
Dissolved in the rain as it carried him home to the sea

And that’s poetic enough for me

I want to live four thousand years
Want no flowers growing out of my ears
But we all know we all go
Some people think it’s a great big show
I don’t believe in paradise or purgatory
I believe in something, that’s good enough for me

Dry your tears ‘cause there’s no need to cry
There’s no sorrow once you teach your mind to fly
There’s no tomorrow, you won’t even care when you die
All the dreams that you ever hoped to see
All the beings you ever hoped to be
Dissolve in the rain as it carries you home to the sea

Words and music by Eric Michael Jones

©2008 Eric Michael Jones / Studioli


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